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Overheard in the Hallways

Thoughts and feelings, collected from the general consciousness that are the EHS hallways.

Overheard in the Hallways 5

November 30, 2017 12:13pm | Sophia Mao

7:20 Disagreement “What? I don’t think so.” “You’re wrong.” 8:20 Trouble “She’s mad upset.” “Be careful.” 9:15 Cold “When I was outside, I couldn’t feel my face.” 10:10 Serious “He was like, you’re gonna pass out, you’re gonna die.” 11:05 Flippant “I’m like, okay, be […]

Overheard in the Hallways 4

November 9, 2017 1:00pm | Sophia Mao

7:20 Wish “I want a buddy as good as that.” 8:20 Clumsy “I tripped over my dog and killed my hand.” 9:15 Straightforward “Dude, she wanted to be a ginger but—” “She’s a fake ginger.” 10:10 Shy “Or he doesn’t want to answer the question.” […]

Overheard in the Hallways 3

October 26, 2017 7:13am | Sophia Mao

7:20 Killjoy “That’s not funny.” “It’s not.” “That was so awful.” “Yeah, I know.” 8:20 Love “I don’t hate her.” 9:15 Disbelief “It’s not that bad.” “It’s bad.” “It’s not that bad.” “Are you serious?” 10:10 Confusion “It’s so funny.” “I don’t get it.” “It […]

Overheard in the Hallways 2

October 12, 2017 7:00am | Sophia Mao

8:20 Zombie “Did you drink coffee?” “No, but I had three hours of sleep.” “Why?!” 9:15 Forgetful “I think I need to have the notes for math.” 10:10 Repetition “She told me that like three times.” “Are you kidding me, she said it to me […]

Overheard in the Hallways 1

September 29, 2017 1:09am | Sophia Mao

7:20 Salutations “Yo bro what’s up bro.” 8:20 Relatable “I’m just so tired.” “I think that speaks for all of us.” 9:15 Fuel “I’m hungry.” “Gracias por la galleta.” 10:10 Clueless “But I forgot how to spell! Was it with two m’s, two y’s, or […]