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Overheard in the Hallways 2

October 12, 2017 7:00am | Sophia Mao

8:20 Zombie “Did you drink coffee?” “No, but I had three hours of sleep.” “Why?!” 9:15 Forgetful “I think I need to have the notes for math.” 10:10 Repetition “She told me that like three times.” “Are you kidding me, she said it to me […]

Blue Hawk of the Week: Ross

October 12, 2017 12:08am | Ava Comeau

For this edition of Blue Hawk of the Week, The Talon spoke to Ross, a junior who volunteers as a scareactor at Haunted Overload. How did you first start working at Haunted Overload? 2017 will be my second year at Haunted Overload. I had emailed […]

Overheard in the Hallways 1

September 29, 2017 1:09am | Sophia Mao

7:20 Salutations “Yo bro what’s up bro.” 8:20 Relatable “I’m just so tired.” “I think that speaks for all of us.” 9:15 Fuel “I’m hungry.” “Gracias por la galleta.” 10:10 Clueless “But I forgot how to spell! Was it with two m’s, two y’s, or […]

UMass MUN Recap

April 14, 2017 10:23pm | Julia Williams

Exeter High School was represented exceptionally well at the latest UMass Amherst conference in March, with many students bringing back awards. Press Corps students worked tirelessly throughout the entire weekend to put together a publication overviewing snapshots of what went on inside every committee. If you’re interested in Model United […]

UMass Amherst MUN 2017

February 22, 2017 7:44pm | Julia Williams

Committees for the UMass Amherst Model United Nations annual conference have been posted. For those unfamiliar, Model United Nations is a mock United Nations meeting where students from different schools represent entities—usually countries or personas—and debate about possible solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Committee […]

2016 Band Holiday Concert

December 23, 2016 10:44pm | Ava Comeau

On December 14th, the Exeter High School band kicked off their concert band season with their annual holiday concert. The band was split into three groups: the Concert Band, made up of underclassmen; the Symphonic Band, made up of upperclassmen; and the percussion ensemble. Joining […]

Derek’s Smile

December 19, 2016 1:10am | Hanna Hudson, Montana Dobra

In an exclusive  interview with Exeter High School student Ashley Hoyt, the new club at the school “Derek’s Smile” was introduced and explained. As the founder of the club, Ashley outlines the intent and activities of this exciting club as well as their hopes and […]

Get “Squitched” With Emma Spooner

October 20, 2016 4:30pm | Julia Williams

Creepy crawly insects, childhood nostalgia, and really good indie rock music your thing? Of course they are, so read on. This week, The Talon sat down with Exeter High School senior, Emma Spooner, a guitarist, pianist, xylophonist, and founder of her band, “Squitch.” She is […]

Blue Hawk of the Week: Coach Tufts

September 26, 2016 8:44pm | Rob Andreasse

Blue Hawk of the Week: Coach Tufts (a.k.a. Tuftsy).   What are some lessons that you’ve learned in your years of coaching? “I’ve learned a lot of patience. I see a young coach now and I see them worrying about everything, and so I’ve learned […]

Goalies Lead Exeter into The Playoffs – Boys Lacrosse

June 9, 2016 6:03pm | Ben Baldasaro

Cam Eddy was brilliant in his 15 save performance, but Freshman backup Solomon “Jingleheimer” Herring was even more brilliant during their game against Goffstown on Thursday. With 5:45 left in the game, the Blue Hawks took a 12 goal lead. Herring took the field, in […]