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Junior Dance Update

On January 17, the Junior Class held the first dance at Exeter High School since 2015, and it’s safe to say that dances will hopefully continue to be in our future. The dance went smoothly, and there were no disruptions—the juniors were mostly smiles. The class came together making a large dance circle at the beginning of the night. One student reported, “It was really nice having the feeling of a high school dance,” adding, “I think it will just continue to grow from here.” The dance only had about one-fourth of the class in attendance; but with something so foreign to every student, some apprehension was sure to emerge. The students who did go were dancing and socializing. Even Mr. Webber made an appearance. “Socializing with people in your grade that maybe you don’t see everyday was something really unique,” another student said.

Although the dance overall was a success, there were definitely some suggestions to consider moving forward into the new era of EHS dances. Many students shared the opinion that the lights were too bright. One student said the lights, “somewhat affected my ability to have fun.” That being said, the lighting in the cafeteria was a new rule that came from the administration. The rule is understandable when considering the past dances. 

Another consistent suggestion from juniors regarded the music selection. Many students felt that the music selection was good, but they thought it could be improved upon in the future. A junior classmate commented on the music saying, “The music was good, but there were definitely some songs that probably should have been switched out.” 

It is true that with any new situation there will be some kinks that need to be worked out; but overall, the consensus was that the dance was enjoyable and memorable. After the junior dance, the seniors have solidified their date for the dance: February 15. It seems the student senate’s long deliberations and the parents’ hard work for dances has paid off. Hopefully 2020 will go down in Exeter High School history as the comeback year for dances that will continue for years to come.