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Steven Universe: The Movie Review

Steven Universe: The Movie has just been released, and people are going crazy for it. It already has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and an 8.2 on IMDB. Cartoon Network has advertised this movie very well by playing every episode of Steven Universe back to back before the movie came out. Steven Universe is a great show, so everyone was very excited to see how they would continue the story after the episode viewers assumed was the finale. I just watched every single episode a few weeks before the movie, so I had very high hopes. Overall, this movie is a fun movie that has great music, a great plot, and great characters. It is definitely worth your time, despite some issues. (If you haven’t seen the show or movie, beware of spoilers!)

The movie does a very good job of continuing the story and even though it takes place two years after the finale of season 5; you can still follow along really easily. One of the coolest things about the movie is how much they let Steven age. He’s much more mature and grown up in this movie, and it really shows. The plot of the movie is pretty new and interesting as well. A new gem named Spinel comes to Earth to destroy it and kill all life. As the gems try to stop her, they get hit with a new type of weapon called a rejuvenator, and it makes them lose their memories. Steven also gets hit with it, but because he’s half human he only loses his powers. He also uses Spinel’s own weapon against her, so she loses her memory as well. In order to bring their memories back, Steven had to recreate certain scenarios that the gems have already experienced in the show.  This plot point is handled fairly well, but I feel that it was just a way to have a ton of fan service in the movie.  

I like all of the characters in this movie, but I still take issue with the fact that Peridot, Lapis, and Bismuth don’t have anything to do. I really like Spinel though, and she is one of the best, new characters introduced in a while. She has a very simple motivation: destroy the Earth because she feels betrayed. She was created as a playmate for Pink Diamond; but when Pink decides to rebel against the other Diamonds, she leaves Spinel behind in her garden where she stayed for 6,000 years. After Steven establishes peace by being Pink Diamond’s son and broadcasting a message across the universe, Spinel she realizes that she had been abandoned and she is very angry. She wants to go hunt down all of Pink’s other friends who replaced her and crush them and the Earth. She’s a very developed character and I really wouldn’t mind seeing her again.

This movie is also a musical. While there were songs in the show, and almost all of them were great, they didn’t come around very often. The movie, however, constantly has songs and a lot of them are great. The highlights are definitely “Other Friends,” “True Kinda Love,” “Happily Ever After,” “Change,” and many more. A lot of the songs in the movie  don’t really compare to the songs in the show though, like “Stronger than You,” “Full Disclosure,” and “It’s Over Isn’t It,” because they just aren’t as catchy, but they are still great. 

The fan service and Spinel are really the best parts of this movie. It doesn’t really do a whole lot of different stuff than the show—the art style, songs, and humor are all the same, but it is still a great movie. After the success of this movie, everyone is now very excited for Steven Universe Season Six to start and continue the story.