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Hot Take: Birds of Prey

Some news has just dropped about the newest DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movie, Birds of Prey. The DCEU hasn’t exactly been a loved franchise; and I’m not the biggest fan of it either, so this news didn’t really excite me. After rewatching all seven movies in the universe, I have concluded that the series is a huge mess. If they don’t fix it, then I’m not going to be interested in the movies anymore. 

A movie that I personally liked, though, was Suicide Squad, and I thought that Harley Quinn was the best part of it. So a whole movie with her as the star does sound pretty interesting; and yet, the plot of Birds of Prey seems really uninteresting. The premise is that Batman has left Gotham; Harley broke up with the Joker;  a girl named Cassandra Cain gets into trouble with a crime lord; and Harley teams up with Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya to help protect her. This seems like a ridiculous premise because it just seems like way too much is going on. Also, it is supposedly going to be rated R, so it doesn’t excite me that much. Maybe the movie will surprise me, like Shazam; but I doubt it at this point, and I feel that the DCEU is in big trouble.