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21 Reasons to Join the Talon

  1. It’s fun!
  2. You get to write!
  3. You can meet new people!
  4. You can try new things!
  5. Sometimes there’s food!
  6. You can improve your writing skills!
  7. You can explore prospective careers!
  8. There are many positions available! (Editor, editor in chief, social media editor)
  9. You can write about almost anything!
  10. You can expand your horizons!
  11. You can put it on your college applications!
  12. You can work on the senior map!
  13. Everyone is awesome!
  14. And cool!
  15. And nice!
  16. And amazing!
  17. You’ll get more involved in the school community!
  18. You can improve your journalism skills!
  19. The advisor is amazing!
  20. You will learn so much about yourself!
  21. And the world around you!