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Captain Marvel Trailer Discussion

Trailer 1

I’m sure that all of you Marvel fans have seen the Captain Marvel trailer. It was pretty action-packed! If you haven’t seen it yet then go watch it first, then come back and listen to the rest of this. (Click here to watch it.) It looked pretty promising didn’t it? I can guarantee you that Marvel will come through, as always. And yet, a lot of people didn’t like the trailer. It got 76,000 dislikes (and growing)! All of the haters out there need to stay positive! Almost all of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies have been great!

This movie is going to be Marvel’s first take at a super heroine movie. Wonder Woman back in 2017 was a great movie, and the first superhero movie about a woman that people actually liked. It was a very well made movie, but it was the DCEU’s (Detective Comics Extended Universe) only gem of a movie, so people kind of forgot about it. But Captain is gearing up to be even better than Wonder Woman. And that’s all because of the way that it ties into the rest of the MCU.  At the end of the movie, Avengers: Infinity War, everyone gets turned into dust from a god named Thanos. In the end credit scene, right before Nick Fury (director of SHIELD) got dusted, he sent out a distress signal with the Captain Marvel logo on it. So Captain Marvel will most likely be their savior in Avengers: End Game.

Time will tell, but first, we have to watch her origin story, however, she definitely knows Nick Fury, as he is in the trailer. From the looks of it, she crashed down from space in an escape pod of some sort. A popular theory online is that this movie will feature the Skrulls as the main villain. The Skrulls are these aliens in the comics that can mimic the form of any person. Maybe that’s why Captain Marvel punches an old lady in the trailer? I guess we’ll see on March 8, 2019 when it comes out. A lot of people are excited for this movie, and it is being set up to be an amazing film.

Trailer 2

Alright, so, now that trailer number two has come out, there is a lot more to talk about, and the movie looks a million times better!  Unfortunately, other people still don’t seem convinced that this will be a movie worth seeing! Just check out those dislikes on Youtube! Anyway, We now have a lot more information on this flick than before!

Apparently, the theory about the Skrulls (mentioned in the first part) was correct, for in the opening seconds of the trailer, Captain Marvel punches an elderly woman in the face, which evolves into the two women fighting inside a train! In addition to this bit of information, we also know that Captain Marvel is a Kree, a race of warriors, or heroes, as Captain Marvel says. However, the Kree race hasn’t had a great rap in the MCU yet. In Guardians of the Galaxy, there was a Kree warlord named Ronan who tried to murder a whole race of people and their planet, Xandar. In this movie, though, the Kree makes Captain Marvel “one of them”, which supposedly means that they gave her superpowers.

This trailer includes a ton of flashbacks that Captain Marvel is having. It looks like she was a pilot who lived on Earth at one point. My theory is that maybe she ended up with the Kree because she crashed onto their planet. In the trailer, Captain Marvel says that she thinks that she had a life on Earth at one point, and this could explain it. And the last bit of knowledge in the trailer was that Nick Fury loves cats, which is just adorable.