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Overheard in the Hallways

Overheard in the Hallways 4

7:20 Wish

“I want a buddy as good as that.”

8:20 Clumsy

“I tripped over my dog and killed my hand.”

9:15 Straightforward

“Dude, she wanted to be a ginger but—”

“She’s a fake ginger.”

10:10 Shy

“Or he doesn’t want to answer the question.”

“That’d be weird.”

11:05 Mindblown

“You have first lunch?”

“Since when?”

“Since the beginning of the school year!”

12:05 Surprise

“The other day, I saw you in math.”

12:40 Gossip

“I just stood there and he ran into me.”

“He just wants attention.”

“I know, I just can’t stand him right now.”

1:35 Broke

“So now she’s out of $50,000.”

2:30 Sensitive

“Who just touched me?”

“T, I think.”

“T, get out.”

2:35 Serious

“Who’s texting me?

“Why are you saying that?”

“Hey, that’s not funny.”

The Overheard in the Hallways column is about the snippets of conversation heard from the school’s hallways. Each section is divided with a time that shows when people are usually in the hallways. There is also a common theme for each section to show that what a lot of people say is usually similar and connected in some way.