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Overheard in the Hallways

Overheard in the Hallways 2

8:20 Zombie

“Did you drink coffee?”

“No, but I had three hours of sleep.”


9:15 Forgetful

“I think I need to have the notes for math.”

10:10 Repetition

“She told me that like three times.”

“Are you kidding me, she said it to me four times in one sentence.”

11:05 Common Ground

“He’s always trying to prove everyone wrong.”

“He argues with everything.”


12:05 Favoritism

“I wanna go to science so bad. I don’t wanna go to history.”

12:40 Lucky

“I have this period off.”

1:35 Secretive

“Text me. Don’t tell anyone else about it.”

2:30 Appointment

“How long will you take?”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you down there.”

2:35 Home

“Wait, I have to go.”


2:45 Overheard on the Bus (submitted by Ellie Braun)

“How does online gym work?”

“You just lie and write essays on how doing push-ups makes you feel.”

The Overheard in the Hallways column is about the snippets of conversation heard from the school’s hallways. Each section is divided with a time that shows when people are usually in the hallways. There is also a common theme for each section to show that what a lot of people say is usually similar and connected in some way.