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Talon Advice Column: October 5

Dear Rob … maybe it’s because I’m getting old, but I’ve noticed that as the weather gets cooler and my lunch gets a bit heartier I have less energy for my 5th period class. What should I do?!


Mr. Krauss


Ah, a rare moment when the student becomes the teacher. This has an easy solution— just take a nap in your second or first period. Simply get those dang students to be quiet for the period and enjoy a well deserved power nap. Also, I’m not Rob.

How does one pull off the classic messy bun and glasses?



Good question— there is a very simple two step process that not many people know about:

  1. Be hot.
  2. Don’t not be hot.

The serious answer to this question will be more broad in scope, but it should still help you. In my experience with fashion, it’s really less of a question of “do I look good?” and more “am I confident?”. In freshman year, I would wear baggier clothes and flannel shirts because I wasn’t all that comfortable in my skin, but in sophomore year, I dropped the flannel and started wearing progressively tighter fits. To be fair, I lost a good amount of weight during this time as well, but even before then, when I arrived home I’d take off the flannel, before I even took off my shoes. I was a lot more comfortable in just a t-shirt, but I didn’t have the confidence to take that leap of faith. Now, I’m a lot more comfortable in my skin because I made that simple decision. It all just boils down to being brave with your choices. Right now you might be thinking “well, I could never pull that off because x”. Well, I already know you’re wrong— if you think you could look good in it, you will.

Did curiosity kill the cat?



Fairly certain it was the large doberman that viciously disemboweled it.

Is hacking powerschool a good idea so that I maintain honor roll? I just have a 79 in one class and I really want honor roll.

-Prospective Hacker


I am currently legally obligated to say no on this one. But to be serious for a second, grades are fairly superficial, especially as far as quarter grades go, and honor roll isn’t a big deal either. I’m going to sound like your mom here, but all that really matters is that you understand the concepts and know how to apply them. Your grade isn’t a score— it’s a reflection of how well you’re doing, and you’re doing pretty well.

What makes a good teacher and how can I be a good student?

From, Interdependence


Hey, a serious question for once. As far as a good teacher goes, I find it’s pretty subjective. In 7th grade, I had a history teacher who generally taught in a more discussion based fashion. He gave minimal homework, and he would have us do projects or essays instead of tests. Everybody hated him except for me. I really prefer discussions over lectures and worksheets, but some people just don’t. That being said, if the teacher’s funny or really approachable, or is just a great person all around, they’re bound to be a good teacher as well. Good students are a lot easier to answer: show up, do the work, don’t fail, and be sociable. I guess I can’t speak from experience, but I’d imagine teachers find their jobs more enjoyable and rewarding when they have good relationships with mature and diligent young adults. If you’re the type to ask this question, then you’re the type teachers will naturally like.

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