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Talon Advice Column: December 16th

Dear Talon,

I am struggling to find sleep and study. What do I do?


Barely Making It


Dear Barely Making It,

Balancing school work, extracurriculars, a social life, and sleep is a challenging part of high school. The easiest way to be able to do all of your work and still get a good night’s sleep is to use your time wisely. Time management is an important concept. If you have a study hall, use it wisely and get as much done as you can. Work hard in class so you won’t have additional classwork to finish at home. Avoid procrastinating and get rid of distractions by turning your computer, TV, and/or phone off.

Dear Talon,

When will freshmen get their class t-shirts?


Mr. Fresh


Dear Mr. Fresh,

Your class officers are the ones in charge of ordering and selling your class t-shirts! Get in contact with one of them or attend your class meeting so you can stay up to date with everything that is going on in your grade! If they haven’t looked into making class t-shirts yet or aren’t interested in doing it, you can always gather a few friends and offer to design it and take care of it!

Dear Talon,

I have found that I am starting to fall behind in my classes. All the work has really started to catch up and now my grades are falling. What can I do?


Falling behind


Dear Falling Behind,

As we slowly approach the end of first semester, a lot of people find that all of their assignments start getting harder. A few ways to make sure that you’re keeping up with your class, especially if it’s a higher level class, is to go in for extra help in the morning, after school, during a study hall, or whenever you can. You can always ask a friend for help, too, and EHS offers peer tutoring for math and foreign languages! Make sure you’re always on top of due dates—never leaving big projects for the night before they’re due!

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