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The Importance of Having a Good Ice Scraper

We live in New Hampshire, and this means we deal with frost. It usually occurs when the temperatures get below 32 degrees at night. This can lead to anger and frustration in the morning if you are late, as there may be a sheet of ice on your car. So, it’s important to know what makes a good ice scraper. There are many factors to consider such as your location and car type.  

Size, durability, comfort, and effectiveness all come into play. Trying to scrape a whole windshield with a piece of plastic so small that it takes too long is simply not efficient. Yet you can not have a scraper that is way too big and does not fit nicely somewhere in your car. Durability is also key: a good ice scraper is made out of solid plastic that won’t break under extreme cold. You also don’t want a cold hard handle. Rather, a nice soft handle makes the scraping more fun and enjoyable. Last but not least, consider effectiveness. What’s the point of a nice ice scraper if it does not work? The edge on the side needs to be crisp and wide. There has been a vast improvement with the 2-in-1 de-ice sprayer and scraper. The spray certainly quickens the process.

Ice scrapers are a necessity for those without garages and are often overlooked when it comes to winter necessities.  Be sure to find yourself a good one soon—maybe even splurge on some de-icer spray.