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November 5th College Football Picks

Another week of college football awaits. With the help of ESPN stats I will make my picks. Last week we had exciting season deciding games that came down to the final play. #3 Clemson took down #12 FSU in the final 2 minutes of the game, moving FSU to #22. #11 Wisconsin beat #7 Nebraska in an OT thriller, moving Wisconsin to #8 and Nebraska to #10.

  1. #1 Alabama plays #13 LSU. Alabama is the favorite for the championship this year, but LSU is looking to spoil their season. My pick #1 Alabama 48, #13 LSU 40.
  2. #2 Clemson plays Syracuse. Clemson shows they can beat anybody after taking down Louisville and Florida State. Meanwhile, Syracuse just isn’t good. My pick #2 Clemson 48, Syracuse 9.
  3. #3 Michigan plays Maryland. Michigan is a juggernaut this year and will probably challenge Alabama for the throne. Maryland also just isn’t good. My pick #3 Michigan 53, Maryland 7.
  4. #4 Texas A&M will play Mississippi State. Texas A&M has been a controversial pick to be in the top 4, which is the final spot for the playoff picture. Mississippi State can take away A&M’s entire season here with an upset. My pick Mississippi State 36, #4 Texas A&M 28.
  5. #5 Washington plays California. Washington has Jake Browning in the race for the Heisman this year and he does not disappoint. My pick #5 Washington 45, California 24.
  6. #6 Ohio State plays #10 Nebraska. After both of these teams having disappointing losses recently, another loss here for either of these teams will take them out of playoff contention for good. My pick #10 Nebraska 42, Ohio State 38.
  7. #7 Louisville plays Boston College. Lamar Jackson’s Louisville needs all of the remaining games to be wins to even be considered a playoff team. Boston College will not be much of a challenge. My pick #7 Louisville 68, Boston College 13.
  8. #8 Wisconsin plays Northwestern. Wisconsin has surprised everybody this year and looks legitimate. My pick #8 Wisconsin 36, Northwestern 18.
  9. #9 Auburn plays Vanderbilt. Auburn has been fairly quiet this year and hasn’t been ranked that often. My pick #9 Auburn 38, Vanderbilt 14.
  10. Refer to pick #6.
  11. This week’s special pick will be a game between #12 Penn State and Iowa. Iowa was ranked all of last year and took a fall this year after a loss to an FCS team. Penn State made a surprising return to the rankings after beating Ohio State, but nobody knows how serious they are this year. My pick #12 Penn State 34, Iowa 26.