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September 24 College Football Picks

With the help of ESPN stats, I produce picks for the top 10 ranked teams. Last week there was an upset with #2 FSU losing to #10 Louisville, FSU dropping from #2 to #13, moving Louisville up from #10 to #3. In the showdown between #3 Ohio State and #14 Oklahoma, Ohio State took them down, moving up to #2 and pushing Oklahoma to #25.


  1. #1 Alabama plays Kent State. With Alabama coming off of a win versus rival Ole Miss, they are on schedule for a win. My pick #1 Alabama 57, Kent State 6.
  2. #2 Ohio State has a bye-week.
  3. #3 Louisville plays Marshall this week. Louisville pulled apart FSU in every aspect of the game last week, so Louisville looks like a serious contender for the playoffs. My pick #3 Louisville 47, Marshall 10.
  4. #4 Michigan plays Penn State. This will be an exciting game to watch, Penn State always seems to hang on with ranked teams. My pick #4 Michigan 38, Penn State 24.
  5. #5 Clemson plays Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech has upset many ranked teams before, so it would not be a surprise to see that happen.  My pick Georgia Tech 28, #5 Clemson 24.
  6. #6 Houston plays Texas State this week. Houston is still going strong this year, so they are looking for another win. My pick #6 Houston 48, Texas State 10.
  7. #7 Stanford has a rivalry game against UCLA. This will also be a very exciting game so I highly recommend this to my readers. An upset is brewing here, my pick UCLA 34, #7 Stanford 28.
  8. #8 Michigan State plays #11 Wisconsin in the best game this week. Both of these teams are very strong this year but I believe Wisconsin is underrated. My pick #11 Wisconsin 36, #8 Michigan State 28.
  9. #9 Washington is at Arizona this week. Washington has been the quietest team all year, while still remaining in the top 10. My pick is #9 Washington 48, Arizona 17.
  10. #10 Texas A&M plays #17 Arkansas. This is a good SEC matchup to watch, both teams have been fairly consistent all year. My pick #17 Arkansas 36, #10 Texas A&M 20.
  11. In this week’s special game, I will be covering the SEC matchup between #14 Tennessee and #19 Florida. Both teams look strong this year and are looking to get into the top 10. My pick #19 Florida 53, #14 Tennessee 36.