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A House Divided

In a speech accepting the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination as a United States senator, Abraham Lincoln was famously quoted as saying “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” These words are a perfect example of the political situation that we face in this country today. Our government is deeply split on almost every important decision and the way this year’s election is shaping up, with many voters dissatisfied with their party’s nominee, this country could be in for a rough four years. And why?

Well, the answer is actually rather simple; we need to start over. Although effective in the past, some of the ways that the country is set up no longer work in the modern world. The way we elect our president (arguably the most powerful person on the face of the planet) is out-dated and values some votes more than others. The largest problem is the Electoral College. When this was set up, it was supposed to protect states that had a very small population, like Vermont, from states like New York or Pennsylvania that were home to larger cities.

At first, this system worked, but as the country grew it became irrelevant and inefficient. For example, the vote of one person who lives in Wyoming is worth roughly the same as the vote of four people who live in New York. How is that fair? And how hard can it really be to just make everyone’s vote equal?

Furthermore, there is a great amount of voter bias in our country. People are supporting and even voting for ideas or new laws simply because they identify with one party. This is a huge reason why nothing seems to get done in this country. If we threw away the political parties and started to work together maybe we would get something done. After all, we are all Americans, and it just doesn’t make sense to fight against each other in this way.

So in the end there are a lot of problems that this country is dealing with right now, and I think it is obvious that no one person has all the answers. But maybe, just maybe, if we put our differences aside, value each other equally, and work together, we can rebuild America.