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Rob’s Advice Column – 18 September 2016

Dear Rob,

I’m nervous to participate in Homecoming and feel awkward. What do I do?


Afraid I’ll Look Like a Fool


Dear Afraid I’ll Look Like a Fool,

Everybody participates in spirit weeks at Exeter, whether it’s Homecoming week or Winter Carnival. 90% of the students go all out, so trust me, you will not be the only person dressed up. There’s no reason to be nervous or feel awkward about showing school spirit!

Dear Rob,

I’m falling behind in math class and I don’t want my friends to know. What do I do?


Mathematician Wannabe


Dear Mathematician Wannabe,

Don’t worry about what your friends would think if they found out you were falling behind in a math class. There’s a chance that at least one of your friends would love to help if he or she is able to and if your friends judge you for falling behind, then quite frankly they aren’t very good friends.

Dear Rob,

My boyfriend won’t spend time with me, what do I do?


Lonelier than Mark Watney in The Martian


Dear Lonelier than Mark Watney in The Martian,

Being able to communicate in a healthy way is a crucial part of maintaining a relationship. You should feel comfortable sitting down and having a conversation with your boyfriend about whatever bothers you. Tell him how you feel, and together you can come to a consensus on how to fix things so that both of you are satisfied.

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