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September 17 College Football Picks

Every Saturday we are provided with an exciting day of college football, so every week—with the help of ESPN stats—I will pick the winners of the matchups that involve the top 10 rated teams in college football.  I will also feature one game that involves teams outside of the top 10. To recap the first week of college football, there were multiple upsets. #3 Oklahoma lost to #15 Houston, 33-23, moving Oklahoma from #3 to #14. #5 LSU was upset by unranked Wisconsin in an absolute barn-burner, 16-14, moving LSU to #21, and Wisconsin to #10. #10 Notre Dame faced unranked Texas, and was brought all the way to double overtime, where they were handed a huge loss, 50-47—thus moving unranked Texas to #11, and #10 Notre Dame to #18.

This week, is blowout week. Almost all of the top 10 teams play weak opponents.  Here are the matchups:

  1. #1 Alabama, is facing Western Kentucky in what seems will be a definite victory for Alabama. Alabama has been a juggernaut for nearly all of history and is coming off a hot game in which they beat #20 USC 52-6.  Western Kentucky, however, is in one of the weakest conferences. My pick #1 Alabama 63, Western Kentucky, 13.
  2. #2 Clemson, will go up against Troy. Clemson, who had a disappointing loss in the college football final last year, has high expectations for this year, eyeing a return to the final. Troy, who plays in the Sun Belt, does not pose much of a threat for Clemson. My pick #2 Clemson 52, Troy 9.
  3. #3 Florida State will face Charleston Southern. Florida State has been consistent for the past 3-4 years. After a win last week against #11 Ole Miss 45-34, Charleston Southern will not be much competition especially after having 14 players suspended. My pick #3 Florida State 55, Charleston Southern 17.
  4. #4 Ohio State plays Tulsa in another weak matchup. Ohio State has been a consistently ranked team for a very long time, and they won the college football final in 2015 against Marcus Mariota’s Oregon. My pick #4 Ohio State 83, Tulsa 6.
  5. #5 Michigan will play UCF in what could be the closest game. Michigan has made a nice turnaround in the past 2 years with the addition of head coach Jim Harbaugh. UCF has been decent, and could put up a fight against Michigan. My pick #5 Michigan 48, UCF 24.
  6. #6 Houston plays Lamar. Lamar doesn’t even sound like a real college. Houston upset #3 Oklahoma last week, so Lamar is almost nonexistent when compared to Houston. My pick #6 Houston rolls over Lamar 59-0.
  7. #7 Stanford has a bye-week.
  8. #8 Washington will face Idaho in what could be a tough matchup, but probably not. Washington is not a regular to the top 10, and will have to prove themselves all year long to stay in this position. Idaho plays in the Sun Belt, but has had some upsets against good teams in the past few years, such as Boise State, who usually is ranked at some point during the year. My pick #8 Washington 42, Idaho 31.
  9. SEC’s #9 Georgia will face Nicholls. Georgia has proven to be a powerhouse as of late, and I’m sure most people don’t know where Nicholls even is. My pick #9 Georgia 63, Nicholls 6.
  10. #10 Wisconsin will play Akron. Wisconsin had a shocking upset win over #5 LSU last week. Although Akron isn’t LSU, Wisconsin will need to work to stay in the top 10. My pick #10 Wisconsin 48, Akron 10.
    In this week’s special pick, we will be seeing a great New England matchup with UMass facing Boston College. Umass hung on with an SEC great Florida, whereas Boston College lost to Georgia Tech last week. Both of these teams struggle each year, but they can surprise fans. My pick Umass 38, Boston College 17.