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Goalies Lead Exeter into The Playoffs – Boys Lacrosse

Cam Eddy was brilliant in his 15 save performance, but Freshman backup Solomon “Jingleheimer” Herring was even more brilliant during their game against Goffstown on Thursday. With 5:45 left in the game, the Blue Hawks took a 12 goal lead. Herring took the field, in replacement of senior netminder Cam Eddy. Herring saw three shots and made three saves. “I felt pretty good.” Said Herring, “It was surreal.” The Blue Hawks were led by their attack as Jack Carr, Mike Penna, and David Fitzgerald all tallied 3 goals, as they dominated over a very good Goffstown team. Herring’s saves led the Blue Hawks into the three seed heading into the playoffs. “It was exhilarating. I was just surprised I was as fast as I was—I had three sandwiches before the game, along with two gatorades and some chips,” Jingleheimer said post game.  

The Blue Hawks will face Londonderry in the Quarterfinals on June 4th, at 5PM at William Ball Stadium.