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2016 Merrill Writing Contest

Submissions are currently being collected for the annual Merrill Writing Contest. Original pieces of student writing are being collected in three categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. Each entry must include the title of the piece, be double spaced and word processed, and have a cover page that includes your name, your teacher’s name, and the category of the work you are submitting. To enter, you must submit two copies to your English teacher. Submissions are due by 2:30 PM on Friday, April 8th.

There will also be an Oral Interpretation Contest Thursday April 21st during 4th period. Competitors must memorize a piece by an established playwright, author, or poet. They can also memorize and perform an original piece. Performances will be judged on diction, style, interpretation, poise, use of body language, and eye contact. To enter, submit your name and the title of your performance to your English teacher by 2:30 PM on April 1st.

To date, this contest has received few entries. In fact, last year there were so few entries in the Oral Interpretation category that it was cut. If the pattern continues this year, the entire contest risks being permanently cancelled. This would be a great loss for EHS. The contest has been running for upwards of 57 years, as shown by this article from a 1959 copy of the Talon. It is a tradition that we must keep alive for future classes. By entering, you can help keep this historic contest and celebration of the arts where it belongs- on the front page of the Talon.