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Jeb Bush Presidential Platform

Jeb Bush is seeking the GOP nomination for the 2016 Presidential Election. Bush is classified as a Populist-leaning Conservative by On the Issues, meaning that he believes the government should have more influence on the social lives of its people but less on the economic side. Jeb Bush is currently fifth in the polls behind Ted Cruz, with an RCP average of 5.3%

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John Ellis Bush was born on February 11, 1953 in Midland, Texas. Jeb is the son of former president George H.W. Bush, and is the brother of former president George W. Bush. For high school, Jeb attended Phillips Andover Academy in Massachusetts and then went on to attend the University of Texas. As a student, he volunteered in Mexico, building schools and teaching English, and during one of his trips he met the woman who would eventually become his wife, Columba. Jeb worked in the international division of a Texas bank and went to many parts of the world such as Venezuela and Nigeria. After his time in the business world, Jeb and his family moved to Florida and entered politics. He rose from the Chairman of Dade county, to State Secretary of Commerce, and then in 1998, he became the Governor of Florida. During his time as Governor he vetoed tax hikes and and increased the state’s educational standards. Jeb Bush has three kids and four grandchildren.        


As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush vetoed over 2,500 tax hikes and cut taxes by 19 billion dollars. Jeb says that he would use his experience to overhaul the federal tax code. On his website he says,Restoring the right to rise in America requires accelerating growth, and that can’t be done without a complete overhaul of the U.S. tax code.”  Bush wants to eliminate loopholes, simplify the current Tax Code, and cut the tax rate to 28%. He says this will give businesses the jumpstart they need to restore steady economic growth in America.

Like many other Republican nominees, Jeb says that the he would repeal Obamacare and restructure the American healthcare system. He says that he would mostly deregulate healthcare and modernize government agencies, such as the FDA. Bush would also give the states more control over healthcare.


Unlike most other GOP candidates, Jeb Bush supports the Common Core, saying, “Common Core is the right thing to do for our country.” Although he is for the Common Core, he would allow a state opt out if they have a solid plan. Also, he would make huge cuts to the Department of Education, as he did in Florida.

Foreign Policy

Jeb is staunchly opposes the Iran Nuclear deal and strongly supports Israel, saying that we should give Israel whatever it needs to defend itself. Under Bush, military spending would increase and he would dramatically build up our armed forces, giving us a bigger presence in the South China Sea, the Baltic Sea, and in the Middle East.

Bush has laid out a concrete, 5 step plan for defeating ISIS. This plan consists of supporting the Iraqi forces, providing consistent air support for local ground forces, giving a greater range of weapons to our allies in the region, including the Kurds, and setting up a stable and long lasting government in Iraq and Syria. He strongly believes that America has to be the leader of this coalition. On his website, he stated, “for generations, American-led alliances, American Diplomacy, and American Credibility deterred aggression and defended the peace.”  Jeb would act immediately to take out what he calls one of the biggest threats to the western world.

Social Issues

Jeb believes that before there can truly be immigration reform, the border needs to be secured using new technologies to monitor and guard it. Once the border has been secured, immigration reform can occur. Bush believes in a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, with mandatory English education and strict adherence to our laws. Any deviation from the law would result in deportation, no matter the crime. He also intends to crack down on cities that offer refuge to illegal immigrants, saying that it undermines efforts to enforce immigration laws.”   

Jeb Bush has said that he prefers a more “traditional” marriage, and in the past he has made some remarks that could be perceived as hateful; he has tried to distance himself from these remarks. However, in a recent interview with the New York Times, Jeb stated that In a country as diverse as ours, good people who have opposing views should be able to live side by side and it is now crucial that as a country we protect religious freedom and the right of conscience and also not discriminate.”  He was against the Supreme Court ruling to redefine marriage, but he supports people making lifelong commitments to each other.

Bush is very pro-life, and would restrict abortions to cases of rape, incest, and the health of the mother. He also strongly opposes “right to die” legislation and movements. He intervened in the case of Terri Schiavo, a woman who went into a coma after going into cardiac arrest. Her condition was incurable, and after some time, her husband and legal guardian chose to have the feeding tube removed. Jeb intervened, ordering that the feeding tube be put back in. After seven years of court battles, the feeding tube was taken out, and Terri died. This case was called a “gross over-extension of power.”

Jeb was called out during a debate for smoking marijuana 40 years ago. He owned up to it and said that he was would leave the legalization of marijuana up to each individual state. He also said that there are more important issues in America than the legalization of marijuana. As governor, Jeb opposed recreational and medical uses of marijuana.

Unlike many of his GOP counterparts, Jeb believes that climate change is real, and that people do contribute to it. As Governor of Florida, he worked to preserve Florida’s environmental treasures like the Everglades and the Florida Keys. He set up many wildlife reserves and protected the Everglades effectively.