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Carly Fiorina Presidential Platform

Carly Fiorina is seeking the GOP nomination for the 2016 presidential election. Fiorina is classified as a Moderate Conservative by On the Issues. This means she is in favor of increased regulation on social issues, such as LGBT rights and abortion, but less government interference in economic issues. Fiorina currently has an average RCP approval rating of 3%, just ahead of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, at 2.7%.  


Source: On the Issues


Carly Fiorina was born on September 6th, 1954 in Austin, Texas. Her father, Joseph Sneed, was the dean at Duke School of Law, and deputy US attorney general. During her childhood she schooled abroad in many places, from England to Ghana, but she eventually graduated from Charles E. Jordan High School, in Durham, North Carolina. She went on to attend Stanford University for her undergraduate degree, and then went to UCLA School of Law, but dropped out at 22 because she had already become a broker at a small real estate company.

In 1980, Fiorina joined AT&T. She started at a relatively low level job and moved her way up to head of North American operations, becoming the company’s first female executive. She worked to grow AT&T and a partnered company Lucent exponentially. In 1999, Carly moved from AT&T to Hewlett Packard (HP), and became Chief Executive officer or CEO, becoming the first women to lead a Fortune 20 company. Forbes Magazine said about her appointment, “she didn’t just break the glass ceiling, she shattered it.” In her time as CEO, she oversaw a merger with the second biggest manufacturer of personal computers in the world, creating a tech giant. She also saw much controversy; HP was accused of selling to Iran, despite sanctions and providing hard drives and surveillance equipment to the NSA. In addition, in 2001, 30,000 workers were laid off, and at the time of her “forced” resignation in 2005, the company had amassed more than 50% more debt. In 2010, Carly shifted her focus to politics, running for senate in California. She won the Republican Primary, but lost to long time Democratic senator, Barbara Boxer. Carly Fiorina is married and has a daughter.


Carly Fiorina wants to radically simplify the tax code, from 70,000 pages, to 3 pages. Her plan would involve cutting taxes down to a 19% flat tax, closing almost every loophole, and creating a plan that is not revenue neutral, but revenue reducing. She would also like to fight the “Crony Capitalism” that exists in America, by promoting and deregulating small businesses. She states, “ when we crush small businesses, we are destroying more than we are creating and taking away opportunity from the American people.” By deregulating and giving more freedom to small businesses, she says that it will be easier for businesses to hire more workers, in turn decreasing unemployment.

Fiorina cites Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act as another example of “Crony Capitalism” in America, saying, “ the Affordable care act was written by insurance companies, so that only the big companies can survive.” She says that as president, one of the first things she would do is repeal Obamacare, because it was a “vast legislative overreach.”


Fiorina has said, “leaders are made not born,” so she believes that we need an education system that will train and teach America’s future leaders. Carly Fiorina is a strong proponent of school choice. About school choice she states, “If we want to educate our children let us make sure that every parent has a choice and a chance to educate their children so that they can fulfill their potential.” She is against the Common core calling it government overreach, and as President, she would drastically cut and audit the Department of Education.

Social Issues

Unlike many of her fellow conservatives, Fiorina is for the Dream Act. She says, “we cannot punish children that come here of no will of their own as young children.” Also, unlike other conservatives, she is pro-amnesty for law abiding illegal immigrants. Like many other Conservatives though, Carly is against birthright citizenship, but before any immigration reform can be done, she says that the border has to be “sured up.”

Carly Fiorina is against gay marriage. She states that marriage can only be between a man and a women and is against the Supreme Court decision to redefine marriage. Although against gay marriage, she says that civil unions are ok and she would leave it up to the state, whether or not to legalize it.

Fiorina is staunchly against the legalization of marijuana in any form. The roots of her strong stance can be traced back to her step daughter that died of a drug overdose. Instead of increased legalization, she would push for more regulation and invest in drug education and treatment facilities. Even with her strong stance, she would still leave the legalization up to each individual state.

Carly Fiorina is extremely pro life, with exception to cases or rape or incest. She has sparked much controversy over a video of supposed planned parenthood doctors “harvesting” brains from a “live” and “kicking” fetus, using it as a reason she would cut planned parenthood. Many say that the video is obviously faked, and there is no proof to support her claims.

Foreign Policy

Fiorina favors a huge build up of the military industrial complex in America and increased military spending. She wants to intimidate Russia and China by ramping up our military presence in the Baltic and South China Seas. Also she would like to arm the Ukrainians in their fight against Russian aggression.

Carly does not believe the Obama Administration is doing enough to help our allies in the fight against ISIS or the Islamic State. She thinks that we should be giving our allies such as Jordan and the Kurds whatever they need to fight ISIS expansion. She said that if she had been in office, Jordan would have the drones it needs, Egypt would have the intelligence it needs, and the Kurds would have their much needed weapons. She believes that because of her relationships with foreign leaders and her experience being an advisor for the CIA, she would be able to solve many of the foreign policy issues we now face.