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Bedford Track Meet

Hello and welcome again, my fellow newspaper readers. Today’s topic is, again, track.

This Tuesday (April 21, 2015), Exeter Track held another meet, this time against Bedford’s track team. Now before I begin, I would like to call attention to the fact that Bedford Track is very good, like 2nd-place-in-state-meets-and-participating-in-semi-national-meets good. So with that out of the way, I will fulfill my duty as a reporter and report to you the results.

We lost… badly.

This is, of course, in no way a demerit to our own school’s team; we tried hard, and we fought valiantly. In fact, there were many events, especially the Women Distance Running where it appeared as if we had gained an upper hand, but alas no. They beat us, simply by virtue of being better trained and better equipped to succeed.

If anyone’s interested, here are the scores for each team:

Scores, Women:
Bedford – 93
Us – 50

Scores, Men:
Bedford – 92
Us – 47

Scores, Overall:
Bedford – 185
Us – 97

Until next time, readers.