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Danxia Landform

What is it?

Found at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China, the Danxia Landform is a mountain formation unlike any other. The bright colors are astonishing and incredibly unique. The formation consists of many cliffs, each several hundred meters tall. The Danxia Landform is a once in a lifetime experience and provides a breathtaking view.

Not only are the vivid colors incredible, but many people claim that they are able to see figures such as castles, people, creatures, and animals in the land form. Many people hike through the mountains and hills of the Danxia Landform each year and visit the viewing platforms to take in the beautiful scenery.

The Danxia Landform formed about 6 million years ago, and is composed of red sandstone that gives the land form its beautiful colors. Geologists believe the land form’s topography was a result of the movement of the Earth’s crust. Rock layers appear in different shapes, colors, and sizes, as a result of the topography. Differences in density and erosion create peaks, caves, and stone halls.

Where is it?

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