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    “Leaves Turn Inside You” Album Review
    Unwound’s 2001 album Leaves Turn Inside You is one of those pieces of art that, to try to describe, would be like tryi
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    2016 Band Holiday Concert
    On December 14th, the Exeter High School band kicked off their concert band season with their annual holiday concert. Th
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    Harp Recital
    Do you like the arts? Do you want to experience something new? If these statements apply to you, come to a harp recital
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    iPod Shuffle – Julia Work
    Junior Julia Work was asked to put her spotify on shuffle, here’s what came up! Losing My Way – Justin Timberlak
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    Get “Squitched” With Emma Spooner
    Creepy crawly insects, childhood nostalgia, and really good indie rock music your thing? Of course they are, so read on.
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    iPod Shuffle- Loren Brooks
    Loren Brooks put her music on shuffle, here’s what came up. Carry On My Wayward Son- Kansas It’s All Your Fa




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    Class of 2019 Senior Map
    Congratulations to all the seniors graduating this year! Below is the digital version of the senior map. Zoom in or use
  • Overheard in the Hallways 5
    7:20 Disagreement “What? I don’t think so.” “You’re wrong.” 8:20 Trouble “She’s mad upset.” “Be care
  • Overheard in the Hallways 4
    7:20 Wish “I want a buddy as good as that.” 8:20 Clumsy “I tripped over my dog and killed my hand.” 9:15 Straigh
  • Overheard in the Hallways 3
    7:20 Killjoy “That’s not funny.” “It’s not.” “That was so awful.” “Yeah, I know.” 8:20 Love “I don
  • Overheard in the Hallways 2
    8:20 Zombie “Did you drink coffee?” “No, but I had three hours of sleep.” “Why?!” 9:15 Forgetful “I think
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    Blue Hawk of the Week: Ross
    For this edition of Blue Hawk of the Week, The Talon spoke to Ross, a junior who volunteers as a scareactor at Haunted O

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