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Exeter Football Dynasty Grows


Last Saturday afternoon Exeter Football took on Nashua North in the Division 1 State Semifinals at William Bal…

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Ethan Pollet

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The Arts


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    Deport Capitalism To Mars
    Anyone who’s been paying attention to the election results and the issues that were on the ballot knows that climate c
  • Betting on a Fool’s Paradise
    Gambling is never a good idea. I mean, come on, it literally means to take risky actions in the hope of a desired result
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    Not All Clowns Are Clownic Extremists
    As diversity increases, the presence of clowns has become more and more substantial in many regions of the United States
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    Colin Kaepernick
    We live in a time of movement that hasn’t been seen since the 1960’s. A Civil Rights movement, political uncertainty
  • September 24 College Football Picks
    With the help of ESPN stats, I produce picks for the top 10 ranked teams. Last week there was an upset with #2 FSU losin
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    A House Divided
    In a speech accepting the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination as a United States senator, Abraham Lincoln was f



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